Welcome to the Milltown Democratic Organization Website

All of our members, both elected and volunteer, represent honest leadership, open government, economic responsibility and educational excellence. We seek those who consider serving the Borough as a Mayor, Councilperson or Committee person, an honor which is not to be entered into lightly. We seek those who have fresh ideas based upon sound reasoning; and who are willing to implement those ideas to improve the Borough of Milltown. We will not waste time with “Blame Game Politics”. Rather, we are interested in achieving sound solutions to the issues faced by Borough residents and businesses through a joint effort for the greater good. While we understand that many times there is more than one solution to an issue, we seek a common ground and meaningful discussion to guide this great municipality toward the better days ahead. We will listen when we should listen, speak when we should speak and act when we should act.

The Milltown Democratic Organization proudly endorses for re-election Councilman Nick Ligotti and Councilman Randy Farkas. Nick and Randy along with Councilwoman Trina Jensen Mehr have been working hard to keep taxes and utility rates down. Unfortunately, the Mayor and three other council people continue to see fit to raise them. The Milltown Democratic Organization asks that you support Nick and Randy in the general election of November 6th.

We thank you for your consideration.