2011 Milltown Election

PLAYING POLITICS AT THE PUBLIC’S EXPENSE! THE REPUBLICANS HAVE CONTROLLED THE COUNCIL THE PAST 4 YEARS! Let’s look at their RECORD!!! FACT: Waters & Dixon, with Dekovics, supported wasting $350,000.00 on professional fees for a firehouse we cannot afford … then VOTED NO when the people asked for a referendum on the firehouse. Would you trust them for 4 more years? FACT: The Republicans failed to secure the electric substation. They hid behind half truths by saying they could not purchase the property to move the substation. The property could have been purchased in 30 days via eminent domain. BUT, the Republicans were focused on the firehouse. STOP THE HYPOCRISY! In their campaign literature mailed to your homes, the Republicans stated: Randy Farkas negotiated a second fixed rate contract for 5 additional years. •Republican candidate Stacy Waters voted in favor of the fixed rate contract. •No negotiations took place and Republican Mayor Gloria Bradford signed the contract. They want to ensure the protection of our electric substation and the center of town. •Republican candidates Waters and Dixon did nothing in 4 years to protect the substation and center of town. Ron Dixon ran for office as a Democrat in 2008 Bashing the Republican Party making numerous campaign promises that he has not kept!! TALK ABOUT BEING CONFUSED! THE TRUE PLAN FOR MILLTOWN’S FUTURE! Vote for a Democratic Change! On Tuesday, November 8th Elect: Eric STEEBER - Mayor Randy FARKAS - Council Joe PIETANZA – Council

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