Can You Believe?

Can You Believe? The Milltown Republican candidates…..are asking for your vote! Recently, you received in your mail, a political flyer telling you that it is time to plan for the future … for example: - A plan to resolve the flooding problem; - A plan for an immediate action on Office of Emergency Management. - A plan to resolve the future of the electric utility; - A plan to prepare for infrastructure needs for today, tomorrow and the future to avoid further catastrophes. Idle For 4 Long Years! For 4 long years the Republicans have been in the majority on the Milltown Council and for 4 long years the Republican controlled Council came up with NO PLANS! NOW that it is election time they say … we have to plan for the future… THE TRUE PLAN FOR MILLTOWN’S FUTURE! Vote for a Democratic Change! On Tuesday, November 8th Elect: Eric Steeber for Mayor - Randy Farkas & Joe Pietanza for Borough Council DEMOCRATS LOOK TO THE FUTURE! - REPUBLICANS ARE STUCK IN THE PAST!

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