Mission Statement

We pledge ourselves to:

  • Fiscal responsibility in the administration of government; its management of utilities and its public resources;

  • The safety and security of our residents through dedicated volunteer services, public works programs and effective law enforcement;

  • The constant improvement of artistic, academic and recreational training programs and activities for our children and adults of all ages;

  • The improvement of our Borough’s infrastructure, its streets, its community centers and its cherished public parks;

Borough Park

  • The preservation of open space, proactive management of environmental concerns and responsible maintenance of natural resources;

  • Respect for, and protection of, Milltown’s historic past while pursuing the constant and necessary development of the town we all love and so affectionately call home.

As Democrats, we commit ourselves to these ideals through compassionate, insightful and responsible leadership. Our agenda is both positive and progressive. The Milltown Democratic Organization invites you to participate in our efforts in meeting our ambitious and exciting mission through contact channels established in this website.
Together, we can do great things for our community. Please join us and help us in making Milltown the very best it can be.