Supports Steeber, Pietanza & Farkas in Milltown

I was present at both debates for mayor and council and it seems clear to me that the Republican mayor and council candidates are pushing for a new fire house.

The Democratic mayor and council are in favor of the residents’ opinion. As many of you may know that I am all in favor for helping all those in need, so therefore I am endorsing the Democratic ticket.

If you still want to be able to afford to live in Milltown, then please come out on Nov. 8 and vote Eric Steeber for mayor, Joe Pietanza and Randy Farkas for council.

Pasquale Parascandolo


Candidate Pietanza Takes On Cablevision & The Status Quo

It is well known that The Borough of Milltown was without electricity for 5 days after Hurricane Irene came through and the flood waters rose. For those of us lucky enough to have access to generators, it came as somewhat of a surprise when we plugged in our modems and cable boxes and still had no cable service. Who knew that Cablevision relied on Milltown Electric to deliver their service?

At the September 12th Borough Council Meeting, I asked that a representative from the Borough contact Cablevision on behalf of all residents who subscribe to their service. Not receiving the response desired, I took matters in to my own hands and called Cablevision the next day. Initially, they refused to give me a credit for my outage stating that it was not their fault that I lost power. I reasoned that I did have power through my generator and yet when I did what was necessary, I still did not have service. They admitted that they rely on Milltown Electric to deliver their service to residents and granted the credit for my outage.

At that point, I inquired about a credit for my fellow residents who are subscribers and who had the same issue. I asked for a “blanket courtesy credit” for all Milltown Subscribers which was promptly rejected. I was told that they will handle these inquiries on a case by case basis. I argued that the cases are virtually the same. The impression was that if a subscriber doesn’t ask, then Cablevision will not issue the credit. So I spread the word with what I said and what my result was in an attempt to help others. Some residents were successful and others were not. However, it should not have come to this.

I can’t help but to feel that Cablevision should have done what was right and issued a blanket credit for every Milltown Subscriber. In addition, we will never know if the result may have been different had the Borough made the effort to contact Cablevision on behalf of all resident subscribers. Hurricane Irene sure did expose many things, the least of which was the unwillingness to make a phone call.

Joseph Pietanza